At Micromodeler, our goal is to help you produce results of excellent quality, performance and reliability while reducing the time and cost associated with your embedded systems project.

Micromodeler DSP is a Digital Filter Integrated Development Environment. It is intended for engineers, scientists and programmers who have a need for digital filters, regardless of their level of DSP expertise.

Digital filters are typically one software component in a larger system and the goal of MicroModeler DSP is to make the design, coding and testing of these components as straightforward and as cost effective as possible. We hope to be able to remove the steep learning curves, thick books filled with equations and long, iterative development cycles often associated with digital filter development and provide a system that is robust, fast to learn and use and produces excellent quality results in minutes instead of weeks.

Future MicroModeler products hope to focus on schematic based code generation for embedded systems, driven by graphical systems modeling software.

Our goal is to take care of the more difficult but routine aspects of embedded systems development, leaving you with more time to focus on your project.

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